Become a Certified Relationship Coach
Grow Your Impact & Your Income With:
The Most Effective & Accredited Couples Certification

Being a Certified Relationship Coach
is For You IF:
  • You are committed to having your own relationships thrive
  • You desire to be a leader and influencer for other relationships

  • You are brand new coaches & want to join a team, not start from scratch

  • You want to leverage the credibility of an accredited program

  • You desire to scale your current coaching business offerings & revenue

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Why Relationship Coaching?
“Couples are looking for resources that are NOT therapy. Coaching is the second fastest growing industry in the world over $1B!”
This program is Accredited by the International Coach Federation, which provides you with MASSIVE credibility!
The Best Relationship Coaching Certification For You To:
Master the most impactful relationship principles
The comprehensive coaching program covers topics specifically tailored for every area of their relationship:

  • Money
  • Intimacy
  • Communication
  • Health
  • Spirituality
  • Social
  • Professional
  • Lifestyle
PLUS get trained on how to build a profitable business!
Make an income while making an impact. Learn the critical skills to grow your coaching business:
  • How to attract clients
  • How to make the 'sale' easy
  • How to price your programs
  • How to create different packages
  • How to build your brand
  • How to build your credibility
  • How to use public speaking to grow your biz
  • How to host events and facilitate groups
Results From Other Coaches
We decided to get certified as relationship coaches partially because we felt so inspired by The Freemans' vision for relationships and we said we HAD to be a part of that vision. 

The real tipping point that had us get certified in their program is that we were stuck making our own program and didn't want to re-create the wheel when they already had a program that was tested and proven effective which would give us confidence and credibility. 

It's so exciting to think that we don't have to be on our own because we get to have the monthly training calls with all the relationship coaches- it creates a real sense of team!
Jon & Kelli
Parents, World Travelers & Certified Empowered Couples Coaches
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As an Empowered Couples Certified Coach, You Will....
Be a part of a community and a team, and know you aren't doing this alone.

Have the tools to deliver modern, in demand coaching to a specific, ideal client couple, focused on growth.

Expand your skills to be an effective, impactful, and influential coach; in any circumstance.
Feel confident knowing that you deliver high-value coaching for high-investment priced offerings.

Receive 36 CCE Units  from the ICF

​​​​​​​Earn Back Your Investment With Just 4 Clients!

The Rest of Your Life is Pure PROFIT!

Results From Other Coaches
We decided to get certified as relationship coaches partially because we knew the Freemans could teach us how to make an impact as a team and build a business as a couple.

Having gone through the in person training days, we feel so confident with the clear organization of the content, the resources we provide for couples, and how to be effective coaches for such an important topic like relationships. 
​​​​​​​We are excited to build a profitable business and commit to helping families support each other, knowing we always have the direct support of the Freemans and this tribe of committed coaches behind us. 
Manasi & Poorak
Committed to multi-cultural couples being connected, & certified Empowered Couples Coaches
This Comprehensive Relationship Coaching Certification Includes:
Video  Training Days

Experience the most complete training as a coach and business owner

Virtual Day #1: Become a certified facilitator of the #1 Relationship Assessment in the world

Virtual Day #2: Become an expert at delivering the 'Empowered Couples Coaching Program' that delivers results for your couples.

Virtual Day #3: Learn the elements of being a high level coach and master the ICF core competencies, with the strategy to grow your business.

You will receive a private login for a portal to download documents, video trainings and worksheet resources.

Live Monthly Calls
More than ever, relationship coaches need to collaborate. On these monthly group calls, you will get to:

Mastermind: Share and hear from other relationship coaches about what is working.

Learn: Continue to practice and develop your relationship coaching mastery by learning new principles.

Scale: Each month will cover a different element of building a successful coaching business, ranging from the art of sales, social media, attracting clients, growing your credibility and more.

Personal Private Coaching

Receive 6 Months of private coaching from the Freemans that elevate your program deliver mastery, and all the elements to turn your passion of relationship coaching into profit.

Live Day #4: Arizona weekend to practice the critical coaching skills, in a safe environment & get honest feedback with the other certified coaches.

You will also get access to unlimited email coaching with The Freemans for one year.

What clients say about this coaching program - that YOU will deliver
'I have done a ton of personal development, and thought I couldn't shift much more. But this program pulled together some challenging topics that we were able to implement right away! Our entire world and relationship shifted because of this course!
Tiffany & Nathan
I honestly don’t know where we’d be without their events, content and coaching. We were really stuck and they helped us see where we each have our parts to play. Their coaching is very straightforward so it helps you move forward much faster.'
Walter & Tiffany
'They helped us resolve a very difficult topic for us in just 2 hours. We were truly stuck and we were both hurt from a major conflict we had, but this content helped us move through that challenge so fast when honestly we didn’t know what to do.'
Stephanie & Alex
'"Within two weeks of working with their content, it gave us such incredible clarity that we were able to say no to opportunities that weren't in alignment with our vision, and attract the ones that did feel good. It became so clear where we were going."
Brian & JoLynn

The Empowered Couples Coaching Program Delivers Results Because:

Resonates with potential clients

It is modern, and up to date with relevant relationship challenges and ways of living

Don't waste time in your business because couples don't understand why they should work with you
Coaching is becoming the new counseling

It is growth oriented and appeals to people drawn to personal development

Don't worry, people will feel the difference between your relationship coaching and counseling. 
Leverages a step-by step coaching 

The content incorporates topics that have a holistic approach- psychological, habit oriented, spiritual, emotional and practical

Feel confident that you cover all critical areas of their relationship
Appeals to couples in any stage
It creates real life change for couples- whether preparing for marriage, married under 5 years or together for 40 years
You will get to choose the ideal couple you enjoy working with
Provides objective results

You also get certified in the #1 relationship assessment tool in the world

Your client will never doubt your effectiveness with this tool
Includes all cultures and spiritual practices

The curriculum and content appeals to all cultures and spiritual practices

Don't worry about the principles conflicting with a group
Dear Future
​Relationship Coach,
You are invited to be a part of a global network of coaches committed to relationships thriving in the world. It's not okay that more than 50% of marriages end in divorce.

It's not okay that couples even feel stuck, limited, or just getting by in their life together.

In today's world we've got to break up the 'norm' that couples start to work on their relationship once something is 'wrong,' and then feel embarrassed that they need to.

Here's the opportunity - more than EVER before, couples are waking up to the power of proactively growing their relationship. Relationship Coaching is now even more in demand. And yet, the 'supply' of relationship coaches (who are certified and well trained) is low. 

That is why this is the perfect opportunity for you to join the Empowered Couples Coaches community and feel a sense of team, and truly impactful training.

A relationship is the most important thing in their lives, and so it's critical that Relationship Coaches are well trained and highly skilled. Hence, why this training is the right move for you.

Talk to you soon, The Freemans
Founded by The Freemans
Jocelyn & Aaron Freeman
Published relationship authors, sought after relationship coaches and ordained ministers.
​​​​​​​Their relationship principles and techniques have been featured in media across the U.S. and have been nominated as 40 Under 40 Influencers two years in a row.

They have grown a coaching business to be in the top 20% of all coaching businesses, in just two years.

The Freemans have...
Spoken on stage to thousands across the country, including with hall-of-fame speakers and Tony Robbins on their mission to reach a million people in the next two years.
The founded Empowered Couples University: hosting higher education for motivated couples to fulfill their life, business and relationship goals. 

How to Become a Certified Relationship Coach

​​​​​​​Fill out the application
Brief interview with a team member

​​​​​​​Attend the in-person training days
Participate in the monthly training and coaching resources
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How to Become a Certified Relationship Coach
Fill out the application
Brief interview with a team member

​​​​​​​Attend the in-person training days
Participate in the monthly training and coaching resources
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Apply Now
Results From Other Coaches
We had a lot of ideas of where we wanted to go with our relationship coaching business and a book we wanted to write, but had no real clarity as to where we were going.

Honestly, there was a lot of procrastination going on and we even doubted ourselves that we could build our relationship coaching business enough to do it full-time.
In our training with them, we learned more about relationship coaching topics AND how to launch our programs, book and everything around it. 

After trying for so many years to leave her 9 to 5 job, Elena is now working full time on the business. 
We highly recommend you spend the time working with the Freemans to achieve your goals."
Trevor & Elena
Relationship Coaches & now highly sought after by the media in Australia
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1. What happens after I submit my application?

You will get a confirmation immediately, as well as a link to schedule your brief call with our team to get all of your questions answered and ensure you're also the right fit for this certification. 

2. What is the investment for the certification?

There are a couple different options to get certified and you will see all of those on your interview call. And the best part is that you can get your entire investment back with just 4 clients!

3. How much time does this take in my lifestyle?

Everything is organized to be able to fit into your busy lifestyle, whether you're going to study this while working full-time or while building your existing business. There is the three day in person training, and then all other content is self-paced and could be easily done in a couple hours per week.

4. Are there any pre-requisites to become a certified relationship coach?

There is not. The beautiful thing about this certification is that it also includes training you on the methods to being a skilled coach. You will excel in this, whether you have never been a coach or even if you're a very practiced coach.
Relationship Coaching Certification is in High Demand,​​​​​ Apply Now to be Considered for the Limited Monthly Spots.
Apply to get certified!